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No doubt, Supra shoes are costly. One would definitely think twice whether he would go for a pair of Supra shoe or buy two pairs of a different brand with the same money. However, all these questions would not arise if consumers knew about the special features that these shoes have. They also need to know the effectiveness of these types of shoes. A customer has to be aware of all these factors to be able to understand the reason for the price difference and would not think twice before grabbing a pair for themselves.
A Supra shoe has several factors which are responsible for the performance that it delivers today. The materials that are used to make a pair are not used by any other manufacturer. The features are definitely one of its kinds. Though there are several features which can be found in the shoes by other brands, but the combining the effect of several technologies to give you the feeling of a "superman" cannot be found anywhere else.
Talking about the features of a Supra shoe that sets it apart from the usual varieties, a few would definitely top the list such as vulcanized rubber soles, fusion grip rubber outsole and the usage of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate which acts as an important component for absorbing the shock. There are a few reasons as to why Supra has become a popular choice among the consumers such as heels with air pockets, Lace Loops acting as shoelace protectors and TPR or Thermoplastic toe box reinforcement for enhancing the grip.
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